Temperature controlled transports

With ITO customers can rely on extensive experience and significant advantages for their international, temperature controlled air and sea transport. The main commodities which require temperature control are:

+ food, for example dairy products, meat, fish
+ plants, cut flowers
+ pharmaceuticals, medicine

We assist our customers in the selection of the optimal mode of transport, the routing and if required the packaging. ITO will arrange customs clearance and documentation to pass veterinary or phytosanitary controls. We are in regular contact with governing authorities and up to date with the laws and regulations covering clearance of these goods.

As member of WCA Perishables we have the advantage of an unique, worldwide network of logistics specialists in the temperature controlled sector. All members have to prove their qualifications before being admitted. Based on this structure, we can offer complete worldwide door-to-door moves of perishable cargo.

In addition to these services ITO offers temperature controlled LCL ocean freight as the exclusive CapeFresh member for Germany. Through CapeFresh our customers can ship from 1 pallet, temperature controlled to various regions of the world and realize cost savings in comparison to air freight. For further information and next departures we are looking forward to your request.